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Plenty of Blame to go Around
Jeb Stuart's Controversial Ride to Gettysburg

The Campaign

June 1863.

The Gettysburg Campaign is in its opening hours.

Harnesses jingle and hooves pound as Confederate cavalryman James Ewell Brown (JEB) Stuart leads three brigades of veteran troopers on a ride that triggers one of the Civil War's most enduring controversies.

Plenty of Blame to Go Around: Jeb Stuart's Controversial Ride to Gettysburg is the new book that is the most detailed and comprehensive narrative of Stuart's ride to Pennsylvania in June and July 1863 ever written, and explores the historiography of the resulting controversy like never before.

"Here, then, is Stuart's ride as the troopers on both sides would recognize it - well researched, vividly written, and shrewdly argued."

- Mark Grimsley, author of The Hard Hand of War: Union Military Policy Toward Southern Civilians, 1861-1865

Published September 2006
Savas Beatie LLC - California and New York
456 Pages 40 Illustrations 8 Maps
Endnotes Bibliography Index Driving/Walking Tour

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